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Descriere King and Ring

Reflecting on his previous plan’s failure, Michael meets with Uriel to discuss their next strategy to obtain Solomon’s soul. In Hell, the Four Kings unanimously agree to bring William to Hell to protect him from Heaven, and tasks Astaroth to bring William to them. Sent by her mother Astaroth, Lamia appears at Stradford and drags William into Hell through a portal and delivers him to a meeting composed of Sytry, Camio, the Four Kings, and other aristocratic demons. The demons explain the situation to William, who disregards it as the war between Heaven and Hell means nothing to him. Due to William’s dismissive attitude on the election for interim king and Hell in general, a demon tries to attack William out of rage, but Dantalion appears and defends him. Solomon’s Ring of Wisdom, which William still has in his possession, falls out of his clothes and the demons recognize it as the ring that Solomon used to enslave them. Determined to put an end to Solomon’s control over the demons and gain power, Baalberith and his minions moves in to kill William, who slips the ring onto his finger, causing Solomon’s soul to take over his body. While Michael and Kevin sense this from Heaven, Solomon easily fends off the demons, including Gilles de Rais (who wanted to kill him to raise his status), and uses his power blessed by God to nearly eradicate Hell. As Solomon greets each of his former demon friends and pillars, Dantalion, realizing that Solomon’s tremendous power is intimidating the demons and would destroy Hell, goes to remove the ring to no avail. Shockingly, Dantalion is the only one Solomon does not recognize and the latter inquires on the former’s identity.


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