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Descriere Can you Face your True Feelings?

Sayaka gets angry at Kyubey for keeping the truth from her, but he keeps her in check by making her feel the pain she would’ve felt while fighting Kyōko if not for the Soul Gem. The next day, Madoka asks Homura about the meaning behind Kyubey’s actions and why she never told them. Meanwhile, Kyōko offers to talk with Sayaka, taking her to a church where she grew up with her father and sister. She made a contract with Kyubey so that people would listen to her father’s preaching, but when he found out it was because of magic, he broke down and killed himself and his family. Despite Kyōko’s offers of apology, Sayaka refuses to listen to her advice to live for herself. The next day, Kyōsuke returns to school, but Sayaka declines to talk to him. Hitomi later confronts her about it and reveals she is also in love with Kyōsuke, giving Sayaka one day to confess to him before she does. Later, Sayaka breaks down in front of Madoka, believing that she can never be with Kyōsuke in her state. As Sayaka fights against a witch that night, she ignores Kyōko’s help recklessly and repeatedly attacks, laughing maniacally.

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