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Descriere The Truth

Having outrun their attackers, Jay holes up with Marley in an outback shed and Marley finally tells Jay everything — what happened that fateful night and the last time he saw Reese: the boys were ambushed out in the desert, and tried to escape — Marley got away but Reese didn’t. Where he can’t identify their attackers, Marley assumes it has to do with undercutting Tyson’s drug trade. But Jay thinks there’s more to it than that. He still thinks the whole attack has something to do with Larry… and Shevorne. He just has to figure out how.When Jay finally returns to town with a smashed up police vehicle and no Marley he has some explaining to do. Jay reveals his reason for not trusting Emma enough to tell her where he’s stashed Marley her brother is cheating the local people out of the truth about the value of Ballantyne Station. Emma refuses to believe it, until Tony finally confesses.But Emma is in for another shock — as Shevorne reveals that Larry is innocent and tells them who really raped her 10 years earlier. Now Emma’s whole life is in turmoil. Everything she has believed in is under question — her family, her history and her abilities as a police officer. But the one thing she can do now is stop another tragedy — Marley being gaoled for a crime he didn’t commit.With the man who really raped Shevorne now knowing the police are on his tail, the only way he can get away is if he silences Shevorne forever.Jay and Emma have to work together to solve the crime and save both Marley and the person this has been about all along… Shevorne.

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