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Descriere Declaration of Revenge: Howling Turbo

At the end of the last episode, the ’86 had just made a perfect drift on a dangerous turn, leaving Keisuke in it’s dust, trying to figure out how the ’86, a 10 year old car, passed him easily. At the tofu shop (also the Fujiwara home) Takumi recieves a phone call that wakes him up, and goes to meen Natsuki in town, as she wants to spend the day with him. Takumi agrees since they’ve never had a major argument. Natsuki asks Takumi if he can drive, and he says he can, so Natsuki says he can drive them to a picnic, not caring his car is „”just an old tofu delivery car.”” As they talk, Natsuki suggests a trip to the beach. Meanwhile, Iketani finds the ’86 parked at the tofu shop, and tries to figure out why his boss thinks so highly of it. He’s about to leave when Takumi gets home and asks what he’s doing there. They go for a drive, and Iketani asks why Takumi didn’t know what an ’86 is, when his dad owns one. Takumi didn’t realise, because it says Trueno on it. At the gas station, Itsu

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