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Descriere Occult Research Club Vanishes!?

When Sir Zechs informs everyone about Issei’s current condition, the Occult Research Club and Azazel then go to Issei’s room and Azazel advises Asia to heal Issei. Using her powers, Asia is able to heal Issei of his wounds before professing her love for him. Sir Zechs and Azazel discuss the fall of the Satan Faction as well as the Chaos Brigade, as well as Great Red being in the dimensional gap as well as Ophis’ plans to kill Great Red in the dimensional gap. Loki curses Ophis for her intrusion with Issei, although he has intentions for Rias. At the Occult Research Club, Issei encourages Rias to no longer think. During Issei and Rias’ conversation, Asia and Issei are seen training for their three-legged race, repeatedly stepping in rhythm. Issei leaves Asia to get a stop watch, running into Koneko along the way. The two find Gasper laying on the ground, Koneko then discovers something in the other room. The Occult Research Club bursts into the room to find another Issei and Rias holding each other. Issei attempts to save Rias, but she stops him, with her magic. Issei, in disbelief, then watches as the other Issei and Rias leave together, destroying the room along with their exit. Issei, Koneko, and Gasper are seen outside, along with the other members of the Occult Research Club as well as Irina and Sona, telling them about what had happened. Azazel and Rosseweisse then join the Occult Research Club, explaining that Loki is behind the fake Issei, as he had revealed his plan to Odin sealing himself up in the process. Issei later realizes that his fear in his heart of what the girls true feelings, has allowed Loki to curse Issei. Loki also uses the same doubt in Rias’ heart to inflict a curse on her. Sir Zechs and Ajuka discover that Rias is in the dimensional gap, and Issei asks Koneko if she can contact Kuroka, as he wants to go to see Vali.

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