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Descriere The Hero Feels the Warmth of the Heart

Satan continues to use his magic to clear the debris while keeping everyone in the mall out of harm’s way. While outside the destroyed mall, Emi has a flashback showing her carefree days with her father on Ente Isla when she was younger until she was summoned by the Church to begin training with a magical sword to slay demons. Soon after, her father was killed by Satan’s forces when their village was attacked, leaving her with resolve to kill him. Back in the present, Sadao learns and informs Emi that Chiho received magical feedback from the spell he cast on her father, Inspector Sasaki when he first arrived in Japan. Sadao further explains to her that the earthquake was a deliberate attack on their lives before they both leave. Afterwards Emi spends the night at her co-worker, Rika Suzuki’s place where Rika explains to her how human nature can change in the face of adversity by referencing the Kobe earthquake she experienced as a child. The next day, Emi visits Sadao and falls down his apartment building’s stairs. Sadao tries to treat Emi’s injuries but his uncharacteristic kindness upsets her and she reveals her reason for wanting him dead. Sadao laments his inability to understand people’s feelings and apologizes until they are interrupted by Shirō and Chiho. Chiho misunderstands Emi and Sadao being a couple and runs away with a broken heart. Just then, Sadao’s landlady, Miki Shiba comes in, and advises they chase after Chiho while referencing her connection to the Sonar and Idea Link Spells. While tearfully making her way through the street, Chiho encounters a strange person who manifests black wings in front of the passersby. As Sadao, Emi and Shirō approach from afar, an explosion occurs and the winged person takes to the air. As Sadao and co. climb the rubble, Sadao acknowledges the person as his Demon General Lucifer.

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